DiMare Fresh is as fresh as it gets.

The creation of DiMare Fresh in 2003, and the subsequent development and integration with other DiMare companies, has provided a critical link in the company’s supply chain. The DiMare Companies’ first 83 years have been filled with excitement, risks and untold lessons of what does and does not work in our industry. Because of our vertically integrated structure and expertise in the industry, we proudly continue to enhance our operational and strategic benefits. Our outstanding team continues to grow and learn as we explore new ways to serve our customers.

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Farming Operations

By developing and utilizing advancements in technology, we remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

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Packing/Distribution Process

We focus on food service operations in several locations and continually expand our full-line of produce offered through wholesale and retail distribution.

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Food Safety

Our priority is on leading the industry in maintaining the safety and security of every person associated with our products.

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Social Responsibility/Sustainability

Our facilities across the country constantly work toward decreasing our environmental footprint.